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Then he took the twelve aside and said to them, “See, we are going up to Jerusalem, and everything that is written about the Son of Man by the prophets will be accomplished.”

Luke 18:31

Spring is in the air! We’re a month into Lent!  We’re heading towards Resurrection Sunday, or as we more often say, Easter.  The road to resurrection for Jesus was always in view for him. Jesus knew where he was headed from the beginning. Our Savior and Messiah already had the road map, knew the terrain, every hill, every mountain, and every step he would take throughout his life to the cross.  Jesus knew the people he would meet, John the Baptist, the one who prepared the way for his journey. Jesus knew the disciples who would journey along with him, whom he would train and prepare to continue the journey. Jesus knew every person he would heal, and he knew them inside and out.  Jesus knew all who would oppose him, ridicule, reject, and judge him. Jesus knew those who would follow and those who would not. He knew the woman at the well, the woman who he saved from being stoned, the woman who was too busy, sweet Martha, and the women who would sit at his feet, Martha’s sister Mary, and the woman with the alabaster jar, bathing his feet with perfume and wiping them with her hair.
Jesus was always moving forward, always praying, always seeking the Father for the next step, the next set of instructions, and always trusting the plan laid out from the beginning to save all of humanity from themselves. Jesus never gave up, never failed a test, and even when he weakened for a moment, “Father, take this cup from me,” he remembered where and why he was headed to the cross, “Father, not my will but your will be done.” Jesus took each step, each thought, each task, and surrendered them to the Father so that all might be saved.
Jesus lived 33 years and accomplished, out of his humanness, more than I could ever think or imagine.  Jesus, after all, is the Son of God, fully human but also fully God.  But in his time with us, he didn’t operate out of the fullness of his deity, he operated out of his humanity, always following the way of the Father, full of the Holy Spirit, and empowered through seeking, asking, and knocking as he trusted in the One who gave him the ability to fulfill his purpose and bring healing physically, spiritually, and emotionally to all who asked, who believed, and who followed him.
As we journey to the cross in this season of Lent towards Resurrection Sunday, what are you seeking from the One who can deliver, heal, and change lives?  What places or persons in your life are in need?  How might Jesus meet you on the road to the cross?  I think the bigger question for many of us is, how might we journey with Jesus, with one another, and with the Holy Spirit to fulfill our purpose as we too journey towards the fulfillment of Resurrection, here, now, and eternally?
As I look outside and see the trees budding, the crocus blooming, the forsythia showing off their yellow cheer, I am reminded that God renews us daily, not just on Resurrection Sunday, and not just eternally but every day.  So, as you breathe in the fresh spring air, remember all that has been given, all that is happening right now, and all that is to come is already known by Jesus. Seek and let Jesus guide you through the power and presence of the Holy Spirit so that you receive your instructions and your purpose each day as we journey forward.  Remember, the Good News! Be the Good News! May the blessing of Christ be upon you all, fill you to overflowing with his love, joy, and peace. Soon we will raise our voices and say, “Happy Resurrection Sunday!”

Grace & Peace,

Pastor Terry

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